In Home Inspections

The Spring-Benner-Walker Joint Authority has experienced substantial growth over the past number of years. We have added an average of 150 new connections to our system each year for a total of approximately 6,500 connections serving over 25,000 people. This growth, along with seasonal wet weather, has identified a need to reduce illegal drainage connections in our system, which include, but are not limited to sump pumps, floor drains, roof drains and condensate lines.

In 2006, we instituted an in-home inspection program to aid in eliminating these costly connections. The extra water being introduced to our system must flow through the treatment plant, which is not owned by our Authority, to get treated, at a significant cost, just like the waste.

We will be completing inspections on drainage areas throughout our system and will identify any issues requiring correction. We will give the homeowner a reasonable amount of time to have identified illegal connections removed. If necessary, we will have to take legal action where corrections are not made. These inspections are conducted to avoid a public health issue associated with a sewer overflow and to maintain our low usage rates.

If you call and schedule an appointment to have your in-home inspection completed, our Authority will waive the $50 fee which is assessed when an illegal connection is found on our system.

(It is still OK to bury the pet fish.)

**Sump Pumps, Foundation, Floor, Area, Roof/Downspout Drains and HVAC/Dehumidifier Condensate Drains are illegal connections and add significantly to the treatment costs to Bellefonte Borough. Illegal Drainage Connections Cost Everyone More Money (See above image).

**Always be careful not to flush bad things down the drain and avoid DRAIN PAIN, which can clog your sewer line or destroy our environment.